ProActive™ Maintenance



ProActive™ equipment maintenance is key to every successful operation.Doing it yourself often means downtime during your work day,or after hours.金沙NBABrandt的Proactive™维护包是您最大限度提高生产力和盈利能力的最佳保证。

  • Proactively managed and delivered equipment services and inspections.
  • Fully-trained and qualified technicians.
  • 成本效益。
  • 保修合规性保证。
  • 优化设备正常运行时间。
  • Eliminates internal service liabilities.
  • 减少计划外,昂贵的故障。
  • Optimized resale value of equipment.
  • 负责废品的处理。金莎篮球开户
  • Complete and accurate maintenance records.
  • Maximized employee and machine productivity.
  • 心平气和的设备管理。
  • 带照片文档的维护报告。
  • 与认证人员进行维护跟踪,以满足服务需求。

金沙NBABrandt Proactive™维护技术人员经过培训并配备有:
  • Detect abnormalities in equipment and component condition
  • 符合最高安全和污染控制标准
  • Perform a multitude of tasks in a highly efficient and consistent manager using state-of-the-art,专门建造的PM资产和工具
  • Communicate effectively and professionally

The ProActive™ Maintenance Process
  • PM调度:一个复杂的系统,用于管理程序中注册的每台机器的服务承诺。旨在预测未来的服务水平,dates and meter readings up to two weeks in advance.
  • Standard Parts List: Detailed list of Genuine OEM parts and high-quality ValPar fluids are maintained for every service interval of every model.
  • PM检查表:识别特定的检查表,OEM-recommended tasks for every service interval of every model.
  • 机器访问:jdlink允许我们跟踪最新的仪表读数,machine locations,and critical operating information on a real-time basis.每次都在正确的时间执行正确的服务。

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