Extended Life Saw Teeth

Tough jobs require tougher saw teeth.

These exclusive long-life teeth are available for wheeled and tracked feller bunchers and for both new- and older-model cutting heads.Nothing tears up and dulls teeth like sandy and rocky soil.在这种情况下,你可能会开始变得坚强,但随着工作的继续,你会失去你的优势和生产力。现在,随着约翰迪尔延长寿命锯齿的新设计和结构,you'll get the most out of your cutting head as these teeth shrug off even the rockiest conditions for longer and more reliable service life. 学习更多
当前伐木头 牙齿质量 Carbide Kit P/N* 硬化套件零件号* Wear-Resistant Kit P/N*
FD22B 十八 F562112 452113** ATT7981A
FD45 十八 ** ** TBD
FS20 十八 F562112 F452113** AT379815
FR21B 十八 F562112 F452113** AT379815
FS/FR22B 十八 F562112 F452113** AT379815
FR24B 二十 F56223 F452148** AT39816

*Wide Kerf (WK)
**Set up for service only.
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