Futura Teeth

Stays Sharper,Lasts Longer.

Built to last with a specially designed 3D profile.真正的Futura牙齿是用铬铸造的,moly,an​d nickel.The difference is in the steel!
  • Futura teeth and adapters feature an innovative design that helps increase the life of the tooth and improves its efficiency for every application.
  • Additional material on bottom lateral ribs and around the box section provide superior penetration shape and maintain pocket integrity.
  • Raised central ribs,lateral ribs and recessed pocket help material flow,significantly extend tooth wear life and increase sharpness properties providing better tooth penetration,maintaining sharpness without reducing tooth resistance.
  • Futura替换齿实现了硬度和韧性之间的最佳平衡。
  • With an optimal design,more than 68% of steel can be used without losing teeth sharpness.
  • Designed to be stronger and last longer than any comparable teeth on the market.Futura range has approximately 20% more usable wear material than other similar systems in the market.
  • Futura teeth are generally he​avier than other competitor's teeth in the same category size and models.The additional steel has been added in key areas where the tooth is subject to wear.​

Futura Clack: Hammerless Pin System -  Rubber insert under locking tab allows the locking tab to compress,rotate,and lock.Benefit from increased safety when compared to hammered-in pins.​ Learn More
  • 100% compatible with current side pin adapters.
  • Works only with Futura teeth.
  • Increased pin retention from positive lock.
  • Increased safety.​
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