New Parts


That's why we use a regional stocking philosophy that puts the parts you need where you need it.If we don't have it in stock,depending on the location,几乎99%的零部件将在第二天早上提供。我们怎么做?所有27个Brandt工厂的零部件库存成为一个巨大的供应源。金沙NBA

All Makes.All the Time.​

延长使用寿命的锯齿——约翰迪尔长寿锯齿的新设计和结构,you'll get the most out of your cutting head as these teeth shrug off even the rockiest conditions for longer and more reliable service life.

Futura Teeth-采用特别设计的3D轮廓,经久耐用,使用寿命更长,穿透性更好。

Olofsfors SharqEdges-快速安装边缘系统。一个完整的切削刃工具箱,适用于所有情况。

橡胶履带​- Premium quality rubber tracks for all makes and models designed to fit compact track loaders,mini excavators,multi-terrain loaders,定向钻和挖沟机。

牵引桩- Patented wide-auger threads allow more surface area to contact the rubber,增加保持力,防止进一步进入/离开橡胶。