Fluid Analysis

Oil Sampling puts your equipment on a regular diagnostic program.

Fluid Analysis aims to drastically reduce catastrophic downtime,optimize drain intervals,and save you money.It's a vital part of controlling costs and increasing profits.With a Fluid Analysis program,you won't have to guess if it's time to change fluids;overhaul your engine,transmission,or hydraulic system;or even trade-in your machine...you'll know!That's why oil analysis is an important part of any Extended Warranty and Planned Maintenance Agreement.It establishes a history on each machine that helps you make informed,proactive decisions on machine maintenance.The end result is less downtime,lower stress levels,and bigger numbers on your bottom line.

What is Sampling?

  • Fluid samples are extracted for laboratory testing and analysis
  • Samples are tested for chemical and physical properties
  • Oil is screened for wear metals,additives,contaminants and viscosity

Why Sample?

  • Machine health indication,think of oil as the life blood of the machine
  • Identify problems during break in
  • Identify excessive wear and the sources of that components wear
  • 确定污染物如:金属,污垢,water,coolant,fuel,incorrect oil

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