Machine Monitoring

Machine Monitoring

To ensure that you have the best possible picture of your fleet's health every day,不管它有多广泛地分散或移动,FleetWise TM利用多个机器监控数据源,all of which is fed into the 金沙NBABrandt Machine Monitoring Centre and John Deere's Machine Health Monitoring Centre for prioritization,分析并与用户通信。

A key source of machine data is 金沙NBABrandt's ProActive Maintenance program.It allows us to combine the advanced telematics capabilities of JDLink TMwith comprehensive onsite equipment inspections,维护计划和调度,fluid analytics and comprehensive reporting.结果在机器监控中心进行审查。可操作的项目将通过专家建议进行报告。

在中心,机器监控专家审查JDLink TMUltimate information,detailed ProActive fluid scans,warranty information,产品升级,故障排除文档,维护历史,John Deere Expert Alerts and more.

To fine-tune your machine diagnosis,JDLink TMUltimate允许与您的机器进行双向通信,以收集更多信息并确定对警报的最佳响应。

这很快,efficient process,often resulting in a call to the subscriber in as little as five minutes高级故障发生后!与您讨论建议,如果需要服务电话,金沙NBABrandt immediately schedules the visit,派遣一名现场技术人员,配备正确的零件和工具,every time.

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