金沙NBABrandt轮式装载机附件专为John Deere轮式装载机制造,不会有任何妥协,maximizing efficiency and productivity.

No longer used for just bucket work,wheel loaders are often a multi-purpose work tool on the job site.金沙NBABrandt Equipment Solutions recognizes this and is constantly striving to come up with innovative ways to increase the efficiency of your equipment.

我们的轮式装载机附件通常用于加拿大西部油区的恶劣条件。金沙NBABrandt attachments have developed a reputation to meet these extremely demanding expectations and deliver the uncompromising safety standards which these sites require.

客户可以一直依靠勃兰特来提供高质量的产品,金沙NBAinnovative,durable and productive solutions for all their heavy equipment needs.