Feller Bunchers

We upped the ante.You wrote the rules.

Customer Advocate groups provided us with real-world insight to create machines built for the way you work,while they redefine the meanings of uptime,productivity,以及较低的日常运营成本。然后我们对它们进行了测试,直到完全正确。Introducing the 800M-Series and 900M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers from John Deere.
M Series Rated Power Net Peak Torque 工作重量
803M 1900转/分时为300马力 937磅英尺 62290磅
853M 1900转/分时为300马力 937磅英尺 66520磅
859M 1900转/分时为300马力 937磅英尺 78170 lb
903M 1900转/分时为300马力 937磅英尺 69660 lb
909M 1900转/分时为300马力 937磅英尺 80840 lb
953M 330 hp @ 1900 rpm 1027磅英尺 73230 lb
959米 330 hp @ 1900 rpm 1027磅英尺 83220磅