With 金沙NBABrandt's uncompromising commitment​ to superior product support,放心,你需要的时候我们会在那儿。

Nobody is more dedicated,更有能力,or more invested in keeping your equipment operating at maximum productivity than 金沙NBABrandt.这是强大的价值,Delivered.

Railway Maintenance Services

铁路上的停工会降低利润和生产力,同时增加你和你的客户感受到的压力。通过呼叫Brandt Rail Services以获得对时钟和底线的控制。金沙NBAWe understand your business and know the importance of track maintenance;improving reliability and throughput.Trusted nationwide as an industry-leading provider of contract services to Class One Railways and short lines,金沙NBABrandt's certified,trained operators and specialized equipment can be mobilized anywhere in the USA  for on-track jobs that take a day,a week,a month or longer. Learn More·

Technical Assistance Center

在勃兰金沙NBA特,we understand that when you have an equipment problem,you need help immediately.这就是我们建立勃兰特技术援助中心(BTAC)的原因。金沙NBABTAC is available Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 16:30 Saskatchewan time for all of your technical questions about your equipment.Our trained technical staff is ready to take your call at 1-877-333-8651.


金沙NBABrandt offers industry competitive warranty coverage on all of its 金莎篮球开户products.Please consult us to learn about our warranty offerings or if you are unsure about the coverage of your specific equipment.


金沙NBA勃兰特只使用我们严格的工程规范生产的最高质量的零件。You cannot afford to be down for long,所以不要冒险使用不合标准的零件。使用Bran金沙NBAdt正品配件将有助于确保您在需要的时候起床。金沙NBA勃兰特库存充足,当你最需要的时候,可以为你提供合适的零件。If you require parts urgently,it can be shipped overnight from our Parts Distribution Center in Regina,萨斯喀彻温省or our Regional warehouse in Kansas City,密苏里so you have the part you need first thing in the morning anywhere in North America.

Equipment Inspection

停机时间是昂贵的。为了帮助确保最小化停机时间,依靠勃兰特进行全金沙NBA套设备的定期检查和维护。Our technicians will conduct a thorough multipoint check to verify that all parts are in excellent working order and performing to specification.We can also perform any regular maintenance that is required on your unit.可根据客户需求定制检查。 Learn More

Equipment Rebuild

在任何需要大修或部分重建以延长设备寿命的机器的生命周期中,时间都会到来。金沙NBABrandt has a many years of experience rebuilding equipment.无论是在你的店里还是在我们的店里,on 金沙NBABrandt equipment or other makes,我们有技能和经验帮助您从设备中获得更多的生产年。 Learn More

有关零件的更多信息,保证或报价,please contact us at 1-877-333-8651.