Magnet Field for Robotics Training

This two day course will cover the topics outlined below:
  • Configure new job settings
  • 设置全站仪
  • Backsighting,Resection,Check shot
  • Import/Export various file types
  • Stake out control/verify control
  • Perform topo surveys-as builts/stockpiles/OG
  • Accurately code survey points
  • 创建曲面
  • 计算体积
  • Edit points/lines/surfaces
  • Stake out points/lines/surfaces/slopes

Registration Details

April 16-17,2019年在贝德福德的布金沙NBA兰特拖拉机分公司,新斯科舍。
May 3,2019 at the 金沙NBABrandt Tractor Branch in Paradise, Newfoundland

Class Requirements
Notebook,Robotic Total Station and Data Collector (if available from your company),户外服装