Technical Support

金沙NBABrandt Positioning Technology is committed to keeping our customers productive and profitable.We have specialized customer support and training experts available to assist you with technical support at all levels.

Tier 1 phone support allows you to interact with a computer support technician trained on 金沙NBABrandtnet diagnostics and connectivity issues.

Tier 2 phone support  escalates to an experienced surveying expert trained on 金沙NBABrandtnet support  to provide assistance.

Tier 3 provides access to 金沙NBABrandt Positioning Technology Division Engineered Services technical staff for equipment and software issue resolution.

Tier 4 escalates the issue to Topcon Positioning and other technology pro​viders​.

Contact 金沙NBABrandtnet Technical Support for additional questions or to troubleshoot a current issue.​

To report an issue or ask a question,call 1-855-832-2783.

New 金沙NBABrandtnet Reference Station Locations

April 25,2018

金沙NBABrandtnet is pleased to announce two new reference station locations based in New Brunswick and Newfoundland.Read More

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