With 金沙NBABrandt's uncompromising committment to superior product support,rest assured we'll be there when you need us.

没有人比他更专注,more capable,或者比勃兰特投入更多的资金来保持你的设备的最高生产率。金沙NBAThat's Powerful Value,交付。


At 金沙NBABrandt,我们知道当你有设备问题时,你马上需要帮助。That is why we established the 金沙NBABrandt Technical Assistance Center (BTAC).BTAC is available Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 17:00 Saskatchewan time for all of your technical questions about your equipment.我们训练有素的技术人员随时可以接听您的电话:1-877-512-9393。




金沙NBABrandt uses only the highest quality parts produced to our stringent Engineering specifications.你不能长期处于低谷,so do not take chances with sub-standard parts.使用Bran金沙NBAdt正品配件将有助于您在需要时确保自己的地位。金沙NBABrandt is well stocked to provide you with the right part when you need it most.如果您急需零件,它可以隔夜从我们在里贾纳的零件配送中心发货,萨斯喀彻温省所以在北美的任何地方,你都有你需要的第一件事。

Custom Manufacturing

如果我们没有你需要的,金沙NBABrandt's modern fabrication facilities and skilled engineering team can help.在定制制造方面有着悠久而卓越的记录,金沙NBABrandt has one of the most efficient,有经验,and best equipped facilities in North America. 了解更多


Downtime is costly.To help ensure downtime is minimized,rely on 金沙NBABrandt to perform a full equipment regular inspection and maintenance.我们的技术人员将进行彻底的多点检查,以验证所有部件是否处于良好的工作状态,是否符合规格要求。我们还可以对您的设备进行任何定期维护。Inspections can be tailored to customer needs. 了解更多


The time comes in the life cycle of any machine where an overhaul or a partial rebuild is required to extend the life of the equipment.金沙NBA勃兰特有多年的设备改造经验。Whether in your shop or ours,在Br金沙NBAandt设备或其他品牌上,we have the skills and experience to help you get a few more productive years out of your equipment. 了解更多