With 金沙NBABrandt's uncompromising commitment to superior product support,放心,你需要的时候我们会在那儿。

Nobody is more dedicated,更有能力,or more invested in keeping your equipment operating at maximum productivity than 金沙NBABrandt.The investments we make in our people,our facilities,our inventory,我们自己的舰队对我们来说意味着更多的正常运行时间,which really means more uptime for you.That'sPowerful Value,Delivered.


金沙NBABrandt has over 300 Agricultural 金莎篮球开户Products dealers around the world to service and support your Brandt equipment.金沙NBABrandt dealers are well stocked with repair and maintenance parts,并接受我们工厂培训师的培训,为客户提供他们所需的服务,以确保他们的设备在需要收割时具有生产力。Our dealers are supported by our 金沙NBABrandt Technical Assistance Center (BTAC).BTAC is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 Saskatchewan time.我们知道我们的经销商和客户的工作时间都很长;因此,我们也可以在下班后使用。


金沙NBABrandt offers industry competitive warranty coverage on all of its 金莎篮球开户products.Please consult your local dealer to learn about the coverage of your specific product.


金沙NBA勃兰特只使用我们严格的工程规范生产的最高质量的零件。You cannot afford to be down during harvest,所以不要冒险使用不合标准的零件。Using 金沙NBABrandt genuine parts will help you ensure a failure free harvest.金沙NBABrandt dealers are well stocked to provide you with the right part when you need it most.If they do not have the right part in stock,it can be shipped overnight from one of our Parts Distribution Centers in Regina,萨斯喀彻温省and Minot,North Dakota,so you have the part you need first thing in the morning.如需订购正品品牌零件,请联系您的品金沙NBA牌经销商。


正常运行时间是忙碌收获期间最重要的标准。如果发生故障,you need your unit back up and productive as soon as possible.You need a service technician that can diagnose the problem,and solve it quickly to get you back up and running.金沙NBABrandt provides all dealers with regular technical training,所以他们准备好解决你的问题了。


金沙NBABrandt Finance offers competitive finance packages to suit your business needs.We provide one-stop shopping utilizing our buying power and access to get the best deal for our customers.Learn More

Contact your local dealer.如果您需要帮助识别经销商,you can reach us at 1 866 427 2638.

New 金沙NBABrandt GrainVac is most efficient ever


金沙NBA勃兰特农产品有限公司金莎篮球开户is pleased to announce the launch of the new,大容量1300HP Grainvac。Thanks to a more efficient design that utilizes higher fan speeds,the new 1300HP achieves increased performance in all phases of operation.多读