Oil and Gas

金沙NBABrandt Pipelayers


金沙NBA勃兰特是理想的合作伙伴,为石油天然气工业提供优质设备,确保每个工作的性能和成本稳定性的解决方案和服务。从装载机和自卸卡车到推土机,excavators and a full range of standard and custom attachments,我们为您的工地要求提供您所需的一切。

And 金沙NBABrandt backs it all up with the parts,服务和融资解决方案是您要寻找的保险。When it comes to delivering the right 金莎篮球开户products and reliable customer support for every job,no one works harder than 金沙NBABrandt to keep you productive and profitable!

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Say hello to the toughest attachments on earth


There's no room in the oil & gas business for equipment that doesn't stand up to extreme punishment.这就是为什么我们制造的产品是最硬最硬的,金莎篮球开户most innovative and hard-working lineup of attachment,地球上特定于保护和任务的整体产品解决方案。多读