Powerful Value,Delivered is much more than a tagline at 金沙NBABrandt.It's our company-wide promise to help our customers succeed by empowering them with the outstanding performance of our people and the uncompromising quality of our 金莎篮球开户products and services.

Grown from the seeds of an entrepreneurial spirit over 85 years ago,金沙NBABrandt has a long history of providing powerful value to our customers through a solid commitment to strong core values;Quality,Innovation,Commitment and Customer Focus.Originally 金沙NBABrandt Electric designed and built innovative 金莎篮球开户products including one of the first grain augers available in Canada.Eventually,金沙NBABrandt Electric became Brandt Industries Ltd.Today,金沙NBABrandt is a growing,dynamic and diverse group of companies headquartered in Regina,Saskatchewan.金沙NBABrandt employs more than 1800 people across Canada and the US and services markets in over 20 countries and six continents.金沙NBABrandt is the largest privately owned company in Saskatchewan and a Platinum Member of the Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies program.


金沙NBABrandt Agricultural 金莎篮球开户Products.engineers and manufactures quality agricultural equipment and markets these 金莎篮球开户products through a dealer network in North America,Europe and Australia.

金沙NBABrandt Developments​ is a community-oriented real estate developer with the financial resources and proven expertise in the design,build,and management of highly-efficient,environmentally considerate and technologically advanced commercial business sites.

金沙NBABrandt Engineered 金莎篮球开户Products(ISO 9001:2015) specializes in innovative machine and system design,manufacturing,installation,and commissioning for the tube and pipe and mining industries around the world.

金沙NBABrandt Equipment Solutionsspecializes in the design and manufacture of customized attachments and guarding for heavy-duty construction equipment.

金沙NBABrandt Financeprovides financing for new and used equipment,including non-金沙NBABrandt 金莎篮球开户products.

金沙NBABrandt Positioning Technologyis the exclusive Topcon Dealer in Western and Atlantic Canada for construction,survey/engineering/GIS,and agriculture positioning technologies.

金沙NBABrandt Road Railmanufactures and markets railway maintenance equipment to customers throughout the world.

金沙NBABrandt Tractoris the largest privately held John Deere construction and forestry dealership in the world with 27 locations across Canada from coast to coast.


金沙NBABrandt believes in safe workplaces.To achieve this goal,we employ a number of safety risk mitigation measures including,but not limited to,safety awareness training,risk identification practices,education and instruction,operating standards,and compliance management procedures.Awareness,risk identification,education programs,and rigid safety standards ensure that we employ every measure possible to make our worksite safe places for our people.

Our commitment to responsible environmental practices in all aspects of our company is also a key priority.Our concern extends wellpast regulatory compliance to reflect our respect for nature and our responsible management and stewardship of resources.


Integrity has been defined as doing the right thing,even when no one is watching you.This belief governs how 金沙NBABrandt operates and conducts business every minute of every day.We set a high standard for ourselves and we expect the same from everyone who works for,or acts on behalf of,every 金沙NBABrandt division.Trust takes years to build and only seconds to tear down.We believe that upholding the highest ethical standards in all of our business activities is the key to maintaining the great relationships we've built with our employees,our customers,and the communities we've invested in.


金沙NBABrandt recently surpassed $1billion in annual revenue.To celebrate and show our gratitude to the people who made this milestone happen,we're making special "Thanks a Billion" donations to charities,offering rebates to customers,sharing bonus rewards with employees,and hosting multiple community events across Western Canada. Learn More

"Despite our 85 years of perpetual growth and success,in many ways it feels like we're just getting started.Look for many exciting things to come from 金沙NBABrandt.The best is yet to come." – Shaun Semple,President