Take a Load Off.

金沙NBABrandt GrainCarts have an innovative corner-auger design with extra reach and better clearance to maximize your harvest potential.Take advantage of limited time pricing opportunities when you buy a premium quality 金沙NBABrandt GrainCart.But it's only for a limited time.See your 金沙NBABrandt dealer today for complete details.Watch 金沙NBABrandt GrainCarts in Action!

XR Series Auger Diameter Capacity Unload Speed
820XR 20 in 850 bu 500 bu/min
1020XR 20 in 1000部 500 bu/min
1120XR 20 in 1100 bu 500 bu/min
1322XR 22 in 1300 bu 620 bu/min
DXR Series Auger Diameter Capacity Unload Speed
1122DXR 22 in 1150 bu 800 bu/min
1522DXR 22 in 1500 bu 800 bu/min
2022DXR 22 in 2000 bu 800 bu/min